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store_logo_smChingDing.Com is the domain name for ChingDing Enterprises, LLC and is an innovative Internet marketing company that leverages the popularity of online promotions through sweepstakes. Such sweepstakes are available to those who register with the ChingDing.Com community and reside in States where online sweepstakes offerings are allowed by law. A broad array of products and services, from a variety of sources are available to all followers and fans. After locating the product(s) and/or service(s) of interest, registered members may enter the sweepstake to win that product(s)/service(s).

  1. Registered members can either print out an entry form for the product/service they are interested in, place the completed entry form in an envelope, then mail the entry form to ChingDing.Com during the required entry period. Under this method, there is no cost of entry to the member… or …
  2. Enter the sweepstakes online at ChingDing.Com. Token(s) may be acquired by either winning them from the “Chances to Win” link or purchasing an online processing fee bundle. These tokens can be used instead of postage stamp. Registered members can enter a multiple of sweepstakes directly online with a few clicks of the mouse, saving them time, hassle, and the expense of printing out the entry form, obtaining and addressing an envelope, purchasing the stamp, and mailing the envelope at their nearest US Post Office.

ChingDing.Com and ChingDing Enterprises, LLC has entered into Affiliate Agreements with many suppliers and partners to provide a link to their respective websites (i.e., “link-swap”).  ChingDing.Com has also developed a new concept in link-sharing called “Virtual Web Co-op”.  ChingDing.Com would also like to invite other vendors, suppliers and partners to enter into these long-term strategic alliances in hopes to lower the acquisition costs for products and services. ChingDing.Com believes synergies are created between our robust website usage of its large membership base and the interaction with a large array of providers anxious to have access to these members. These activities create a built-in value that manifests into a significant source of advertising revenues. As each website’s popularity increases, they become a more desirable location to place banners, pop-ups, and other forms of advertising.

President/Chief Executive Officer – Scott Arnett

Mr. Arnett is a computer systems technician at school systems in central Florida. He has extensive sales and marketing experience in financial securities, mortgages, real estate, and time share. He has built an impressive sales and marketing career by utilizing an “outside the box” approach to connect with his customers – all B2B, B2C, and C2C.

Vice President/Chief Operations Officer – Jon Dickl

Mr. Dickl is a fresh addition to our team. Jon is presently revising his bio for this site. His primary role consists of directing and leading the operations side within the limited partnership. His experience spans over three decades with operations, sales and marketing.

Vice President/Chief Technology Officer – James Buckland

Mr. Buckland is an experienced professional who has served as an IT Manager, a Project Manager, a Business Solutions Analyst/Specialist, and a Senior Implementations Consultant to many government and private entities. James’ experience spans more than four decades and has equipped him with the skills of team-building and project facilitation. His passion is learning and he loves keeping his programming skills fresh by occasionally assisting with hands-on coding. His latest achievements include the latest in the digital and mobile communication, social media marketing, and client relationship management technologies.

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