Our COVID-19 Response

In service to people everywhere who are caring for their families and communities – all day, every day, ChingDing.com people are stepping up and serving others as a force for good.

We are offering trusted brands and services that help people take care of their personal health and hygiene and create healthy homes for their families.

We are serving communities holistically with our time, talents and technical capabilities. And we’re doing all of this while taking care of each other and ourselves — ensuring we work effectively, efficiently, and safely.

In summary, we are stepping up to be there for those who have always been on the front lines for us.

In this unprecedented time, everything we do is guided by three core principles:

  1. Protecting the health and well-being of ChingDing.com staff and personnel;
  2. Serving consumers within the USA who count on the brands we promote and the benefits they provide;
  3. Supporting relief agencies, communities, and people who are on the front lines of this global pandemic.

Taken together, they ensure ChingDing.com will be there for the employees, consumers and communities who have always been there for us.

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